The Android Device Security Database is a joint research project to gather and publish relevant data about the security posture of off-the-shelf Android devices. We are in the process of preparing a first static batch of data to publish and are developing a pipeline for automatically collecting and aggregating data from different sources.


At this time, we are targeting a subset of mobile phone type devices that are still officially supported by their manufacturer. Older devices that no longer receive security updates or non-phone type devices are currently out of scope but may be added in the future.

Partner institutions

Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria), University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), Fraunhofer AISEC (Germany), Secure Systems Engineering GmbH (Germany), University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom), and TU Darmstadt (Germany) are currently responsible for collecting and aggregating attributes about the security of Android devices, but the joint project is open to new academic partners to collaborate on gathering and analyzing relevant data.

All data received from partners submitting data to the security database will be annotated accordingly to clearly specify the source of each published data item.